Bolivia: Government to pay half the power bill!

Alfonso ‘Toto’ Arevalo, the President of ‘Asbora’ Bolivian Radio Broadcasting Association,  interviewed by John Arandia for Capsula AM: The programme is aired by Radio Fides, transmitting on 101.5 FM from the capital, La Paz.
Watch the interview here.

Having been brought to their knees because of the fall in advertising caused by Covid-19, a large number of Bolivian radio stations risk closure within a month. They are unable to pay salaries, the technicians, electricity and licensing fees. The association representing broadcasters (Asbora) has written an open letter to President Jeanine Anez Chavez asking her to launch new government advertising campaigns (and also pay the invoices for commercials that the public administration put on air last year). Asbora also asked for a discount of 50% on electricity bills and to postpone payment of licensing fees to next year.
More details to be found here.

John Arandia interviewing Alfonso Toto Arevalo, President of Asbora
John Arandia interviewing Alfonso Toto Arevalo, President of Asbora
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4 Replies to “Bolivia: Government to pay half the power bill!”

  1. Das wäre doch echt mal eine nette Geste, wenn es wirklich dazu kommt. Gerade weil jeder sein Gehalt braucht, um überhaupt leben zu können.

  2. Every country got to have a budget for this kind of contingencies, and this is a good way to try to sustain a part of the country’s economy, it would keep everything on march, maybe not at full capacity but is a better option than letting businesses being completely stopped because they don’t have how to pay bills or salaries.

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