Thank you for visiting our page and welcome to our radio community! This is where the world of R A D I O meets.

Radio informs, entertains, connects people, since it‘s invention in the early 20th century. Today, radio is an important medium of communication, information and entertainment, all around the world. Our goal is to empower the future of radio.

We are RadioReporter: a global community with thousands of radio enthusiasts and professionals. R a d i o – one word, one medium but yet so powerful in bringing together many different people, making us a multi-national bunch of humans having one thing in common: our interest in radio.
Are you one of them and want to join our team? Follow along here and get in touch with us!

RadioReporter is powered by FMList & FMScan – ‘the mother of all radio databases’ and is represented on the following platforms:
‘WRTV – World Radio & TV News’ Blog – providing you insights into the radio and TV industry all around the globe – news of international relevance is being published regularly. We are now starting to publish guest articles in the writers mother tongue – this way we can expand our community and cover more news of national relevance to certain countries and regions.
Instagram – a community platform where we engage with fellow radio lovers, motivate and inspire people new to the radio industry and share interesting topics revolving around radio.
Facebook – the RadioReporter facebook page was set up recently. It will help us to reach out to Facebook users worldwide and strengthen the engagement with our community.

Thank you for stopping by and we are looking forward to talking to you on one of our platforms!

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