MYANMAR: Federal FM challenges the military

Federal FM challenges the military
The Policy Maker article also features interviews with some of the activists who opened the pirate station

Radio is once again the voice of the opposition against authoritarian regimes, because unlike the web and social networks, it is less traceable. The origin of a signal can only be identified with equipment that allows triangulation of the point of emission. In the case of Myanmar, after the army’s coup d’état against the government of Aung San Suu Kyi on 1 February 2021, the opposition opened the pirate station Federal FM because only the technicians and operators who make the programmes are at risk.

In the Federal FM account opened by the broadcaster on Soundcloud you can listen to some recorded broadcasts.

Listeners remain anonymous, whereas if they read messages posted on the Internet or social networks, they can easily be identified. The military junta controls social media and regularly interrupts internet connections. Policy Maker magazine devotes an extensive article to Federal FM, a pirate radio station that has been covering the main region of Myanmar and the economic capital, Yangon, for some weeks now, operating on 90.2 MHz..

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