USA: Radio must reinvent itself and focus on information

Variety tells the story of the new project on which the inventor of the radio format who invented playlists in the 1970s is working
Variety talks about the new project the inventor of the playlists is working on

Lee Abrams, who in 1973 created the radio format AOR (Album Oriented Rock) tells Variety about his new project: a new format to renew the way of doing radio. In the seventies the idea of sticking to a playlist was a way to build a precise radio identity, but almost fifty years later the father of this format repudiates his creature: the programming is now flattened and the radio stations are too similar. The solution? Reinventing oneself, focusing on information, defined by Abrams as “the new rock ‘n’ roll”, and leaving more room for creativity. Here are the details.

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